barred owl, casein, panel, Kelly Leahy RaddingTwilight Guardian
20” x 16”
casein on gessoed panel

I am privileged to have a pair of Barred Owls that live in my woods. I hear them often but see them seldom. I happened to see Pappa Owl early one May morning as I was heading out to go birding. He was perched on a branch overlooking a small, seasonal pond on our road. I did manage to grab a few photos of him, but left him to his hunting as I was already late to meet my friend to go birding and I knew that this time of year owls have young that must be fed and Pappa had to work overtime to provide! Over the next few days I saw him two more times at the little pond, probably hunting for frogs and crayfish, but during twilight as the light faded in the woods. I saw him as the guardian of his family as well as the guardian of the woods. A magical being.

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