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Those pesky goat gods… and complacency

Posted by KLR on February 2, 2010 in Tales from TuckerWoods Farm | 2 Comments

I guess I was becoming complacent. A state of being that must call the goat gods to arms or at least, to mischief. We are not expecting any baby goats come April and although we will all miss the cuteness and the fun, I won’t miss the constant worry and the sleepless nights I suffer […]

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Old Man Winter Returns!

Posted by KLR on January 30, 2010 in Tales from TuckerWoods Farm, Works-in-progress | No Comments

After a refreshing January thaw, winter came back with a vengeance! From in the 50’s and pouring rain on Monday, to snow squalls and falling temperatures on Thursday. Friday dawned beautifully blue and sunny, but with biting wind gusts  up to 50mph. I love to watch the affect winter winds have on our snow covered […]

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