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The Artist and the Art Career Coach – A Match Made in Creative Heaven

Posted by KLR on December 19, 2016 in Inspiration, Painting | 3 Comments

The beauty and benefits of an artist/art career coach relationship… We all need a helping hand sometimes but we also need to give ourselves permission to seek out and accept that helping hand. A little over a year ago, I enrolled in Gwenda Joyce’s Art Ambassador “YES!” program. I had been working hard at my […]

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Impressions of Oswegatchie Hills

A place can be many things – somewhere you go in your own mind to remember, revisit or relax, or a physical place you experience in person. I go to many places near and far, both in my mind and on my feet. I prefer natural places and get outside as often as I can, […]

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Hummingbirds, Raccoons, and Great Blue Herons

The month of August was full of hummingbirds, raccoons, great blue herons and generally, birds! Despite a very hot & humid month, I still managed to get outside with my camera and simply enjoy being outdoors. On my easel during the month of August… Great Blue Heron – casein on Fabriano Artistic h/p paper   […]

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Pictures are Worth a Thousand Words

Posted by KLR on August 2, 2016 in Inspiration, My Travels, Photography | No Comments

‘A picture is worth a thousand words’; a trite, somewhat overused phrase but how true for me! Spending time outdoors I am a natural history painter; painting what I see out in nature. I spend a lot of time outside experiencing nature, both in my backyard and when I travel. If I am traveling for something […]

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Reading While I Paint!

Posted by KLR on July 19, 2016 in Inspiration, Painting | No Comments

I love reading. I love to read. I love books. Did I say that I love reading?!! I don’t remember a time that I didn’t love books and reading. One of my favorite things was going to the library for another bunch of books. I especially loved summer vacation because I could read more books. I have […]

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Inspiration is Found in Surprising Places – Texas!

Posted by KLR on June 21, 2016 in Inspiration, My Travels | No Comments

Inspiration is such an intangible. It shows up where you least expect it and comes in many forms. I just returned from attending the TexArt workshop on the campus of Schreiner University in Kerrville, TX . It was co-sponsored by the Susan Kathleen Black Foundation (SKB) and the SAA (Society of Animal Artists). Talk about […]

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My Day of Distractions: the Good and the Bad!

Posted by KLR on January 18, 2016 in Inspiration, My Travels, Photography | No Comments

Distractions. I have come to embrace the part of me that is easily distracted! I guess at my age, I have no choice as by now I don’t think I will be changing anytime soon. But just where does an artist draw the line between good and bad distractions? Between procrastination and possible inspiration? The sound […]

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On Inspiration and Winter Coming…

Posted by KLR on January 4, 2016 in Inspiration, Works-in-progress | 3 Comments

Winter is coming; okay, okay, winter is finally here! We have enjoyed a very mild run of weather in Connecticut which has allowed me to do much more walking/photographing/reference-gathering than I normally would. Today is the first working day of 2016 so it is a fitting day to start my blog yet again! This time […]

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Inspiration, Ideas & Kindred Spirits

Posted by KLR on October 9, 2013 in Botanical Art, Inspiration, My Travels | No Comments

Inspiration, ideas and kindred spirits are what I found attending the annual conference of the American Society of Botanical Artists in late September! It is always a whirlwind 3 days of learning new things, trying new techniques, greeting old friends, and meeting new ones. There are idea exchanges and impromptu brainstorming sessions. As artists, we […]

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Works-in-Progress Tuesday

Posted by KLR on August 27, 2013 in Inspiration, Works-in-progress | No Comments

Are you the type of artist who has multiple works-in-progress going on at the same time? Well, don’t despair, you aren’t alone, at least you have me for company. I am perpetually guilty of having many works-in-progress sitting in my studio at the same time. I used to fight and fight and fight this aspect […]

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